3 Common Betting Mistakes

We often talk about what you should do to increase your profits in sports betting, so for a change I thought I’d discuss some of the things you shouldn’t do instead.

These are some common mistakes made by those who are failing to profit from their betting:

1. Letting your heart rule instead of your head

Let’s face it, most of us can be quite passionate about the teams and players we support in our favourite sports, but betting with your emotions is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Making consistent profits involves using your brain, not your heart.

2. Thinking short term

Betting profitably involves sticking to your long term strategy. Panicking after a few losses or getting carried away after a few wins isn’t the way to lasting success. If you know that your betting strategy will generate consistent profits in the long run, it makes no sense to chuck it out the window based on short term results.

3. Putting all your eggs in one basket

It is dangerous to rely on just one betting method, as if that strategy stop being profitable for a while your income stops altogether. In betting even proven strategies will go through winning and losing streaks over a period of time, so you need to invest in a variety of strategies to protect your income. At Big Mike Betting we encourage the portfolio approach to betting and trading, choosing a diverse mix from a ‘menu of bets’.

Even seasoned punters are often guilty of these mistakes, but they will keep you from making profits from your betting over time. Stop making these and other needless mistakes and start generating consistent profits instead by following Big Mike’s betting advice.