Does emotion have a place in sports betting?

No matter what your sports betting strategy, you must realise that there will be highs and lows, but never forget that it’s long term profitability that is the ultimate goal.

A short term sample of days, weeks or even months won’t give a good indication of your ability to win money with a particular betting advice service. This can only be measured over the long term. Over a longer period the results should show a steady income of profits, regardless of the short term wins and losses experienced along the way.

Because of this it is important to approach your betting with as little emotion as possible. Of course this is easier said than done, and is harder for some than others, but if you panic and chase losses or get carried away after a few wins, your emotions will ultimately damage your profitability. The odds of getting either heads or tails from the 11th toss of a coin are exactly the same as for the previous 10, even after 10 tails in a row!

If you can master your emotions and decide that win, lose or draw you are going to follow your chosen strategy through, you will have a much better chance of long term success. Yes, it’s difficult, but that is precisely why so few people manage to do it. Be a part of the minority who are successful in their sports betting by deciding to stick to your betting strategy no matter what.

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