Is it possible for newbies to make money betting?

Firstly let me clarify, I’m not talking about whether it’s possible for a newbie to have a lucky win, or even a lucky run of wins. What I’m referring to is whether someone new to sports betting can make consistent profits on an ongoing basis, despite their lack of experience.

Those who are new to sports betting are more likely to make mistakes as they experiment, and are probably also more likely to get caught up in the excitement of it all and end up gambling, rather than betting for profit. However it doesn’t have to be this way.

Big Mike Betting’s strategy for making profits is an excellent way for a newbie to avoid all the most common betting mistakes, and start off on the right foot from the start. In fact, being new to sports betting may even be an advantage, as you won’t have any preconceived ideas about what works and what doesn’t, and therefore you may be more likely to follow the instructions to the letter.

For example those who are used to relying only on ‘tipsters’ to provide them with winning betting advice are likely to be disappointed with their results these days. The introduction of the betting exchanges has changed the betting scene tremendously, and some long term bettors may be struggling to adjust. A newbie will be able to start with the right approach from the beginning.

Big Mike Betting provides a sports betting blog that will educate you on how to make consistent profits by following our low risk betting and trading strategies. We cover everything from making money on the betting exchanges to avoiding expensive betting mistakes and the advice is as suitable for newbie’s as it is for the more experienced punter.

So while newbies may initially find it extremely difficult to make money betting on their own, with the help of Big Mike’s Betting advice they have an excellent chance of generating good profits right from the start.